Residential Care

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Telecare is remote care for older and retired people within their own four walls.

The growing numbers of older people in Australia will make this form of health care increasingly important. People living alone want the security of a reliable emergency call system. For this purpose, aid organisations need solutions that function simply and require as little time and space as possible in terms of technical support.

At Legrand Care we work tirelessly so that everyone can live in the environment of their choosing for as long as possible enjoying independence, peace of mind, safety and wellbeing.

Living independently, feeling safe at home, and enjoying day to day activities while having the assurance that you will always receive the assistance you require.

Our person-centred solutions make it possible to offer high quality digital end to end services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How does a personal alarm work?

A person feels unwell or has any sort of emergency, they simply press the button on their watch – NOVO SMILE or the NOVO CARE PHONE unit.

An alert is sent to the Monitoring Centre and a health care operator will take the call.

The health operator can speak to the person in need using the voice-to-voice feature of the alarm unit. This is an important feature for clients when they are unable to get to the phone.

A decision is made by the health operator whether to call an onsite carer, family or friends, or an ambulance in more serious emergencies.

Benefits to use personal alarm system

  • Someone always will respond to your emergency at anytime, day and night.
  • Quick action when you need it.
  • Professional health care operators.
  • Monitoring centres can quickly assess the situation to determine whether family members, carers or emergency services need to be contacted, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need as soon as possible.
  • They stay in touch with you until assistance arrives to make sure you’re okay.
NOVO Carephone
NOVO Smile

How does the Fall Detection watch work?

Our Fall Detectors can be worn as a wristband or a neck pendant. The devices use a range of clever sensors to measure the user’s normal speed and altitude as well as any unexpected changes to detect when the wearer loses their balance and falls. When the Falls Detector detects a fall, it will send out an alert to the Monitoring Centre and an operator will be able to call for the necessary assistance. The alarm may also be manually activated by pressing the button on the Falls Detector.

personal alarm for seniors
Falls Detector (wristwatch)
Falls Detector (pendant)
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