Personal Alarms for the elderly Australia

And for people who require a high level of care and support

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Your safety is our priority:
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Residential Care

Residential Care

Personal medical alarms for private homes

Retirement Operators

Retirement Operators

Telecare system implementations within retirement villages or aged care homes

Our Personal Emergency Response System is a lifeline at your fingertips, providing instant assistance at the push of a button.

Emergency Call Button

Telecare is a remote care solution for people in Australia who require a high level of care and support. Our emergency call button solution, “NOVO Smile” and “NOVO Carephone” promotes independent mobility in their homes, making it perfect for elders, vulnerable people living alone, with disabilities, experiencing chronic conditions or recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

Legrand Care, a respected and well-known provider of personal care in Australia, is a global brand of the Legrand Group that continuously innovates, designs, and develops connected care services and digital solutions for all environments associated with health and social care. Legrand was created by combining the brands that comprise assisted living and health care. In addition to our more than 40 years of expertise in the healthcare sector, we have brought our knowledge and technology with us.

Safety at a push of a button

Novo – Personal alarms are safety devices that give seniors and those who need high levels of care a sense of security and confidence, allowing them to go through their everyday lives with a better sense of confidence that help will be available at any time.

By simply pressing a button, an alert is sent to a healthcare operator connected through the Monitoring Centre. It allows the user to speak with one of our experienced operators, who will take prompt action to notify a family member, friend, or ambulance if necessary. 

Our devices are lightweight and portable, easily worn as a pendant around the neck or as a wristwatch, providing quick access in an emergency.

Have peace of mind knowing that someone

will always be there for you whenever you need them.

NOVO Family

NOVO Digital care-phone system

The digital change in the care of the elderly is the key to more efficiency and thus also to more time in the care of each individual person.

Excellent voice quality
Always up to date
Reliable real-time monitoring
Easy installation, plug and play
48 hour battery backup 

SMILE – Portable Radio Transmitter

With its compact size, simple operation and pleasant wearing comfort, the SMILE portable radio transmitter with lanyard or wristband is the ideal addition to the NOVO home emergency call system.

Waterproof to IP67
Wristband and necklace included
Practical Size (Only 44 x 35 x 11 mm)
Ergonomic design
Maximum wearing comfort
Two optical signals for confirmation (bidirectional radio link)
High battery life


The Falls Detector automatically detects hard falls and raises an automatic alert to the NOVO Carephone, or allows users to manually call for help with a push of a button.

Automatic fall detection alert
Wristband and necklace included
Replaceable battery and auto low battery reporting
Additional manual trigger to raise fall alert
Waterproof and shock resistant wearable device
Replaceable battery and auto low battery reporting

Benefits to use our medical alarm
and fall detection solutions

Novo Smile
Novo Carephone

24/7 monitoring system
Cost saving. Minimum Infrastructure requirement
Upgrade it anytime
More time for yourself
Fall detection for the most vulnerable
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