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NOVO Carephone
Base NOVO unit
1x NOVO SMILE pendant included within the package
Additional SMILE pendant
Add another SMILE pendant for an additional user
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Novo is a digital carephone designed to fit seamlessly into any housing environment and cater to the needs of all users. With a press of a button the NOVO device sends out an alarm to raise an alert. This package comes with a SMILE Pendant that can be worn as a lanyard or worn on the wrist. The pendant allows the user to push the button to wirelessly activate the base NOVO unit.

The home package includes:
1 x Novo Carephone
1 x SMILE Pendant

Ongoing monitoring is $27.50/month

Battery life:

  • 'Smile' pendant: 18-24 months, dependent on use
  • NOVO Base unit: Powered from the electrical outlet, but also features a 48 hour battery backup in the event of a power cut

Size and weight:

  • 'Smile' pendant: 45 x 30 x 14mm (HxWxD), 12 grams
  • NOVO base unit: 130 x 175 x 68mm (HxWxD), 300 grams
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