Falls Package – Rent


NOVO Falls Bundle
The bundle comes with the base NOVO device and a Falls Pendant
1x NOVO Carephone
1x Falls Pendant
Additional Falls Pendant
Add additional Falls Pendants for extra users
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Novo is a digital carephone designed to fit seamlessly into any housing environment and cater to the needs of all users. With a press of a button the NOVO device sends out an alarm to raise an alert. This package comes with a Falls Pendant that can be worn as a lanyard or worn on the wrist. The pendant allows the user to push the button to wirelessly activate the NOVO Carephone unit, in addition to this the Falls Pendant will automatically activate the Novo Carephone in the instance of the user falling over.

The home package includes:
1 x Novo Carephone
1 x Falls Pendant

Ongoing monitoring and rental fees are $33.00/month

Battery life:

  • 'Falls' pendant: up to 24 months, dependent on use
  • NOVO Base unit: Powered from the electrical outlet, but also features a 48 hour battery backup in the event of a power cut

Size and weight:

  • 'Falls' pendant: 37 x 33 x 12.7mm (HxWxD), 12 grams
  • NOVO base unit: 130 x 175 x 68mm (HxWxD), 300 grams
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